Beaked Hazelnut

Beaked Hazelnut

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Beaked Hazelnut (Corylus cornuta) - The Bountiful Harbinger of Spring

Other Common Names Include: Beaked Filbert.

Discover the Beaked Hazelnut: Step into the world of the Beaked Hazelnut, a native shrub that offers more than just shade and greenery. It stands as a symbol of bounty and renewal, its early spring flowers and distinctive, beaked nuts adding both aesthetic and practical value to your outdoor space.

Seasonal Showcase:

  • Spring: The Beaked Hazelnut comes to life with male catkins and small red female flowers, signaling the end of winter with one of the first blooms of the season.
  • Summer: Lush, green foliage provides a serene backdrop, while the developing nuts, encased in a unique, beaked husk, promise a fall harvest.
  • Autumn: Leaves turn to shades of yellow and orange, offering a vibrant display, as the nuts mature, becoming a valuable resource for wildlife and a delightful find for foragers.
  • Winter: After the leaves fall, the structure of the Beaked Hazelnut remains, with the empty husks and the plant's form adding interest to the quiet winter landscape.

Ideal Planting Conditions: Thriving in a variety of conditions, the Beaked Hazelnut prefers well-drained soils and can grow in full sun to partial shade. It's adaptable to different environments, making it a versatile choice for naturalized areas or as part of a mixed woodland border.

Watering Needs: This shrub is drought-tolerant once established, requiring minimal watering. Its ease of care makes it a favored choice for both new and experienced gardeners looking to enhance their outdoor area with native plants.

Growth and Form: With a moderate growth rate, the Beaked Hazelnut can reach heights of 12-20 feet, often spreading to form a dense thicket. Pruning can maintain its shape and encourage more robust nut production.

Why Plant the Beaked Hazelnut? Choosing the Beaked Hazelnut for your landscape means embracing a plant that nourishes, protects, and beautifies. Its nuts attract a variety of wildlife, from birds to small mammals, while its dense growth can provide natural screening and wind protection. For those interested in edible landscaping, the nuts offer a tasty reward for your gardening efforts.

Incorporate the Beaked Hazelnut into your landscape for a touch of wild beauty and a link to the cycle of the seasons, bringing life and abundance to your outdoor sanctuary.

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