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Oregon Ash

Oregon Ash

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Oregon Ash (Fraxinus latifolia) - The Majestic Backbone of Your Landscape

Explore the Oregon Ash: Step into the world of the Oregon Ash, a grand and stately tree that brings a sense of majesty and timelessness to your landscape. More than just a tree, it's a living testament to the enduring beauty of nature, perfect for adding a significant, commanding presence to your outdoor space.

Seasonal Transformation:

  • Spring: The Oregon Ash greets spring with a flourish of new leaves, signaling the awakening of the landscape with fresh, vibrant greenery.
  • Summer: In summer, its dense canopy offers ample shade, creating a cool, serene refuge in your yard. The lush, deep green leaves form a verdant overhead canopy, a natural umbrella under the summer sky.
  • Autumn: As autumn arrives, the leaves transform into a display of golden yellows, bringing a warm, radiant glow to your landscape during the cooler days.
  • Winter: In winter, the Oregon Ash reveals a different aspect of its beauty. Its bare branches create an intricate, stark silhouette against the winter sky, offering structural interest in your outdoor area.

Ideal Growing Conditions: The Oregon Ash is a hardy, adaptable tree, flourishing in full sun to partial shade. It prefers moist, well-drained soil and can tolerate a variety of conditions, making it a versatile choice for different parts of your landscape.

Watering Needs: Especially in its younger years, the Oregon Ash benefits from regular watering to establish a strong root system. Once mature, it demonstrates good drought tolerance, reflecting its adaptability and resilience.

Growth and Size: Growing at a moderate to fast rate, the Oregon Ash can reach impressive heights, typically around 50-80 feet. Its significant size and spreading canopy make it ideal for larger spaces, where it can fully stretch its branches and provide maximum impact.

Why Choose the Oregon Ash? Planting an Oregon Ash is an investment in the future of your landscape. It offers not only shade and beauty but also serves as an important habitat for wildlife. Ideal for those who appreciate trees with a commanding presence, the Oregon Ash is perfect for creating a focal point or as part of a larger, diverse planting scheme.

Embrace the grandeur of the Oregon Ash in your landscape, a tree that stands as a noble, enduring feature in your outdoor world.

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