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Red Elederberry

Red Elederberry

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Red Elderberry (Sambucus racemosa) - The Vibrant Sentinel of the Forest Edge

Other Common Names Include: Red-berried Elder, Scarlet Elderberry.

Discover the Red Elderberry: Venture into the rich tapestry of the forest edge with the Red Elderberry, a deciduous shrub that stands as a beacon of vitality and color. Celebrated for its clusters of white to pale yellow flowers and striking red berries, this plant is more than just foliage; it's a vital part of the woodland landscape, offering both beauty and sustenance to the ecosystem.

Seasonal Showcase:

  • Spring: Comes to life with dense clusters of fragrant flowers, heralding the return of vibrant growth and attracting a host of pollinators.
  • Summer: The flowers give way to bright red berries, creating a striking contrast against the lush, green leaves and drawing in birds and wildlife.
  • Autumn: Foliage turns to shades of yellow and gold, adding a warm, autumnal hue to the landscape before the leaves fall.
  • Winter: The bare branches and remaining berry clusters stand out against the stark landscape, providing visual interest and a food source for birds in the colder months.

Ideal Planting Conditions: Thriving in moist, well-drained soil, Red Elderberry prefers partial shade to full sun. It's particularly well-suited to naturalized areas, woodland gardens, or as part of a mixed border in residential landscapes, where its ecological benefits and ornamental value can be fully appreciated.

Watering Needs: This shrub is relatively drought-tolerant once established but benefits from regular watering during prolonged dry periods, ensuring it remains a vibrant component of your outdoor space.

Growth and Form: Red Elderberry exhibits a moderate growth rate, reaching heights of 10-20 feet with a similar spread. Its somewhat sprawling habit can be pruned to encourage a more compact form or allowed to grow freely, depending on the desired aesthetic and function in the landscape.

Why Plant Red Elderberry? Incorporating Red Elderberry into your landscape is a celebration of native flora and the wildlife it supports. Its attractive flowers and berries offer aesthetic appeal, while its role in providing food and habitat for birds and pollinators enhances the biodiversity of your space. Ideal for those seeking to create a more sustainable, wildlife-friendly environment, Red Elderberry bridges the gap between ornamental gardening and ecological stewardship.

Let the Red Elderberry transform your outdoor area into a haven of woodland beauty, echoing the wild charm of the forest edge and enriching the ecological tapestry of your landscape.

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