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Western Red Cedar

Western Red Cedar

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Western Red Cedar (Thuja plicata) - The Evergreen Emblem of Your Outdoor Realm

Other Common Names Include: Pacific Red Cedar, Giant Cedar.

Unveiling the Western Red Cedar: Introducing the Western Red Cedar, a towering symbol of strength and evergreen elegance. This majestic tree is more than just foliage; it's a living monument that brings a sense of enduring grandeur to your landscape.

Year-Round Majesty:

  • Throughout the Year: The Western Red Cedar is celebrated for its lush, dense foliage that remains vibrant and green all year long. Its sweeping boughs and soft, textured leaves create a tranquil and stately presence in your outdoor area, offering constant visual appeal and a touch of the wild.

Ideal Planting Location: Thriving in moist, well-drained soils, the Western Red Cedar is a magnificent choice for spaces seeking a grand natural feature. It prefers full sun to partial shade, adapting well to various environments, making it a versatile addition to your landscape.

Watering Approach: In its early growth stages, regular watering helps establish a robust root system. Mature trees are relatively drought-tolerant but benefit from occasional deep watering, especially in dry conditions.

Growth and Scale: This cedar grows at a moderate to fast rate, reaching impressive heights, often over 100 feet in its natural habitat. In a yard setting, it provides a commanding presence, ideal for large spaces or as a standout specimen in your outdoor area.

Why Plant the Western Red Cedar? Choosing the Western Red Cedar means embracing a piece of the Pacific Northwest's natural heritage. Its towering form and lush greenery offer year-round beauty, privacy, and a haven for birds and wildlife. It's perfect for those who wish to make a bold, enduring statement in their landscape.

Let the Western Red Cedar anchor your outdoor space with its timeless beauty, creating a living legacy that grows more magnificent with each passing year.

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